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How I Started making money with my Android Phone

How I started marking Money with Android phone.

The journey of a man starts with a step. It all started 2014, while I was serving the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), before then I was using a small Java mobile phone, that is Nokia C2. I could not even integrate with the phone, no apps even the browser too, is just an Html4 browser enabled phone, I could not even access responsive websites, it was just too bored for me. Fortunately, I got an Android phone which later change the whole stories.

How did the story changed.

As I started using the Android phone, that which was "Tecno M3", I started accessing different apps on the phone, hear this! not just ordinary apps, I mean resourceful apps which I downloaded from Google Play store.

This apps include:
Graphics design apps such as Photo Editor, which is my number one photo and graphics design and editing apps.
2. DU Recorder which i was using in recording video on the activities going on my screen.
3. HTML editor which i was using for practicing and designing of web pages.
4. Blogger's App: which I was also using in developing my blogging skills.

All these, put together that changes my carrier and level. Now I am building websites, blogs for people which I get paid for, now I am living large with this Android breakthrough. Knowing how to use your android phones, and making real money with your Android phone is just your stepping stone to attain your sky limit.

If you have any questions to ask, please drop you comments on the Facebook comment section below, and I will give you appropriate answers.
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