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Asapameghe highlife music mp3

Asapameghe by King Benji Igbadumhe

"Benji Igbadumhe" and his Okeke Sound. "Benji" is one of the 'high-life and Live Band' musician in Afaima land of Edo state.Whenever your heard people talking about the music of Nigerian the first thing that comes to the minds of people is probably Afro-beat.

Talking of the funky African jazz music, Afemai music had for some time been the best-kept secret among the Nigerian high-life music for many. It is almost addictive. The drive that is driving the people of Afaima that keep them listening to the “Afamai style of music”. It’s hard to describe exactly what makes this music so intoxicating is the Rythm and the sound beat of the song.

Asapameghe is one of the favourite song of every Afaima people (Etsako People), as they will be glad to tell you that, they are in love with the song. Etsako people who are the Afaima people would always tell you that the song is their “favourite replay” song for continuous listening.

Enjoy as you play and download “Asapameghe ye ogole ye”, on your mobile phones and smartphones.

Music Descriptions:

Artist: King Benji Igbadumhe
Track Title: Asapameghe
Genre: High-life
Length:17.24 minutes.


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