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How To Record an Android Phone Screen With DU Recorder

How to Record an Android Screen Using DU Recorder.

Recording a phone screen can seem more difficult than making a screen-cast on your computer, but DU Recorder is available to make it easy for you. If you want to record your Android phone screen perhaps showing some of the gadgets that make up your phone, you can use DU recorder. DU Recorder is a straightforward and non-invasive tool, which makes using the app a more user friendly. After downloading the app from Google Play and enabling it, a small video recorder icon would show up on your device’s display.

The icon can be dragged and dropped anywhere you want on the screen. And to turn it off, drag it to the bottom of your screen and drop. To record, launch the app icon and press the record button. The app would record every aspect of your screen. To stop or pause recording, press the same record button again. Even after that, the output file can still edited and shared. DU Recorder also helps edit images and take screen shots. Your phone probably has the screen shot capturing feature, but DU Recorder’s one-click screen shots are a lot more convenient. And you could use in-app editing tools to add more flavor to your screen shots.

Installing and Setting Up DU Recorder


1. Go to Google Play Store.  To download DU recorder application.

2. Search for 'DU Recorder'. Probably, it will  be the first app in the list.

3. Select the app and install if you have not installed it before. If you have already install continue with the other process of the recording.

4. Open the Application. You can create a shortcut on the home screen for the app, for easy access.

5. Grant root access to the application. When you start the application for the first time, a dialogue box will appear asking for granting the root access to the application. Select the 'Grant' option to complete the process.

Recording The Screen


1. Select 'Record screen' option.This will create a DU Recorder widget adjacent to the edge of the screen.

2. Tap the DU Recorder widget. You will see four icons:
• First icon (Camcorder icon) is for recording the screen.
• Second icon (Menu icon) is the Application Menu.
• Third icon (Settings icon) is a shortcut for DU Revorder's settings
• Forth Icon (Live Record) is for either Facebook Live record and YouTube live record.


3. Select the Record icon to start the recording. A light beam will revolve around the circular widget indicating that the recording is on.

4. Start your process. Once you have selected the record option, whatever you want to record start doing what you to record.

5. Stopping the record. Tap the “DU Recorder widget”. This time instead of start icon, you will see an icon for stopping the recording.

5. Select the stop option (first icon). The recording will stop as soon as the stop option is pressed. Your recordings will be saved in the Gallery under the 'record' folder.

You Can watch recorded Screen video Here...
Note: main object selected with circle on the image. You are Done Recording with DU Recorder.

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