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How to build a Blog with Google account.

What is a blog?

A blog is an online newspaper or magazine websites publishing platforms that display information for online readers. The information's on the blog or website are published in a sequential order, with the latest posts appearing first, for viewers visiting to read and learn. It is a platform where a writer or small group of writers, who shares their opinions on an individual subject.

People build blogs for reasons best know to them. As for me, I build my blog's based on the passion I have for it, as blogger.

The basic “foundation” of building a BLOG are list below:


  • Pick a blog name: Choose something descriptive.
  • Get your blog online: Register your blog and get hosting.
  • Customize your blog: Choose a theme or template for your blog.
  • Write and publish your first post: The fun part!
  • Promote your blog: Get more people to visit read your blog.
  • Make money blogging:Choose from several options to monetize your blog (e.g AdSense)
To build a blog with google account is as simple as ABC. The steps involve are stated below. Note: before creating your blog,you must signup/register for a Google Account first, after you most have successfully created the account, you can log on to Blogger to start building your blog by visiting on your internet browser.
  • Sign in with your google account username and password.
  • Click New blog.
  • Enter a name for your blog on the Title field.
  • Choose a blog address, or URL.
  • Choose a template.
  • Click Create blog.
How Choose a blogger template for your blog website
By click on create blog, your blog is set to start publishing your new articles, which makes you a blogger.


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