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How To Use Gummed Paper Tape (Paper Gummed) In Coil Rewinding

Gummed Paper tape (Paper Tape) Used As An Insulator In Electrical Works

Paper Gummed is an adhesive material made from the combination of natural paper and starch. Gummed paper is an environmental friendly and recyclable material used as an insulator in the rewinding of burnt wires . Gummed paper tape is used to wrap burnt copper wire or aluminum wire in transformers or electric motors before rewinding the burnt coil. Gummed paper tape is used to wrap burnt wire of a transformer or an electric motor coil, which serve as an insulator to covers the wire.

Rewinding is the process by which something is rewound.
A set of replacement coils on an electric motor or other device such as transformer in arc welding machine that uses wound wires to generate a magnetic field.

How to use gummed paper tape to wrap burnt wire on transformer coil.

The Gummed Paper tape is folded by 5cm and is extended again with the same 5cm fold periodically to a length of about 30cm and then shredded by 10cm, that is cut with a scissors. The shredded Gummed paper tape is activate with water and then use to wrap the wire to sealed up the naked wire.


Gummed paper tape is also used for general carton sealing by simply activating the gummed paper tape with water and affix to cartons to form a tough, firm, smooth seal.

The natural adhesive is incredibly strong and allows the box fibres to bond with the paper tape, to create a seal that is virtually impossible to tear off once applied.

Gummed paper tape is now a preferred sealing option of many fulfillment operations, not only due to its environmental and performance benefits but also because it creates a uniform looking package that is difficult to tamper with.

Suitable for all carton sealing purposes
Activate the gummed paper tape with water
The tape can be recycled with the box
Manufactured from 70 gsm Kraft paper.

"Where to buy Gummed paper tape in Kaduna" state, Nigeria.
Gummed paper tape can be purchased in Kaduna central market by Kastina road and Lagos street. Sponsored Links

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