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How to make Animated Gif image with Android Phone.

Creating a GIF Animated Image

In this tutorial, you are going to learn how to make a GIF animated image file using android phone. This tutorial contains images that will give you a full descriptions on how to create a "GIF animated image".

Below is the GIF image that will be created in this tutorial:

💠 Creating the GIF image step by Step.

Application for creating the GIF image is PHOTO EDITOR' (Android App, Download from Google Playstore).
🔷 Lunch Photo Editor App.

🔷 Select the Tool menu (tab or icon).

🔷 Select the GIF(animated GIF) menu.

🔷 Select the image icon to choose image.

🔷 Select the image for the GIF.

🔷 Position the image to the side you want it to be by dragging the image.

🔷 Save the GIF image and naming the file.

🔷 As the image is being saved, you save the image with the resolution you would like the GIF image to be e.g (400x400).

🔷 GIF Animated image file is ready.

GIF Video Tutorial
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