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Kaduna Solutions E-commerce Website In Kaduna State

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Formaly Kaduna Solutions, now Kudyunus Bislar General Merchant (KBGN). It is an online store and marketplace in Kaduna state. It is a platform for business owners and vendors to register and list their products on its websites. Thereby, allowing the vendors to sell their products online.
In Kudyunus Bislar website, customer can buy multiple products from different vendors at the same time.The Good news about Kaduna Solutions is that, it has finally migrated to Kudyunus Bislar General Merchant. All link to Kaduna Solutions are now redirected to Kudyunus Bislar General Merchant.

The website allow vendors to register their products so that customers can “shop” in “Kaduna” with ease and convenience.

Vendor Service Agreement before enlisting their products to Kaduna Solutions


Vendors registration terms and conditions:

The vendor agreements should always include details about the product or service the vendor is supplying. In some cases, the business name and other certification are attached, which includes further details. The agreement can also include how and if the terms surrounding the expected products or services can be changed by either party.

The categories of products in the website include the listed products below:

  1. Baby and Mother
  2. Drinks
  3. Electronics and Accessories
  4. Food
  5. Home and Kitchen
  6. Personal Care
  7. Stationaries

The website provides solutions that truly work for its vendors and customers. Kaduna online shopping store.


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