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Sir Waziri Oshoma; Estako Highlife music icon | The Oyoyo sound of Ekperi

OYOYO sound international - Alhaji Waziri Oshoma of Osomebhe Ekperi

Sir Waziri Oshoma 2017 Album

Sir Waziri Oshomo the “OKIKI, OGBERA BIRI” of Ekperi chiefdom, with his excellent style of musical skills, that touches someone when listening to his musical sound. He is an icon in highlife music, whose music is widely enjoyed by the people of Etsako.

Sir Waziri Oshoma hails from Edo state, Etsako central local government area Fugal, in Ekperi clan. OYOYO sound, which is his musical band, is one of the popular and most played playlist song by the people of Etsako, in Afaima land.

Sir Waziri Oshoma, who happens to have a unique voice, such that whenever one listen to his songs, he or she would always want to put it on a replay.


Alhaji Wazir Oshoma has always been a source of entertainer to the people of Estako, and they loved his style of music very well. Most of his song are inspirational regarding to the people of Etsako as they love the message he his passing across. We have compiled some of his 2017 hit tracks sample songs for your listening delights. Whatever ways you want the music and the lyrics as contain on the tracks is for the best of your listening delights.

The sample tracks for your listening delights are listed below:

  1. Waziri Oshoma 2017 album track 1 mp3
  2. Waziri Oshoma 2017 album track 2 mp3

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