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Afemai Social Club of Nigeria


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Afemai Social Club is a group of dynamic young and intelligent youths from Edo State. The “Afemai Social Club" was established on the “9th of May, 2020”. The establishment is to bring together the talents and gifts of the youths of Afaima people, towards the progress and unity of the people.


Afemai Social Club is a club of great and dynamic minds of the Etsako People. As a social club, they are committed to the progress, unity, welfare and the integral development of every member of “Afemai Social Club”.

There is no age limit in becoming a member of the Club and as such it is a social club that brings all of us in Unity and Love irrespective of our diverse communities and personalities.

As a Social Club, they are committed to serving one another by ensuring that they encourage themselves about the challenges of life, and ensure that every Afemai Sons and Daughter is not excluded from the progress of society. It is their joy that every member of Afemai Social Club continuously struggles for his or her emancipation as an individual and a Community.



This can only be achieved in togetherness and camaraderie. Hence, the Motto: “TOGETHER WE CAN”.

The Social Club will definitely imbibe the ideals of a democratic culture and a liberalized society. People are free to express themselves in a manner that is guided through the vehicle of ethical standard and responsibility.

“Respect” is part of “human culture” and more importantly in the Afemai culture and this definitely should be the basis for expressing ourselves

God bless you all
Long Live Afemai Sons and Daughters*
Chairman Committee: ADIDI Dokpesi Timothy.

Afemai social club
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