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How To Make Money With Your Google Gmail Account

Making money with your Google gmail account.

Google is one of the “internet tech giant” in the whole wide world, and it happens that Google to provide a platform called “Google AdSense”. A platform which helps bloggers to earn “incomes and revenue” on a daily basis while they blog. Blogging is all about sharing what you a passionate about on the internet.
How to make money with your Google Gmail account

Many bloggers and websites owners are all in the game of making money blogging on Google AdSense on their websites. Bloggers place some AdSense code on their ‘website that displayed ads’. This ads in turns provides the means of earning revenue from the blogger they build.

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How does it work?

In other for you to “start making money with Google account”(email), you need to register a Google account first, i.e.
  • Signup/Register for a Google email address by visiting on your browser to register for "gmail E-mail address".
  • Secondly, after you must have created the email address successfully, then you go ahead to create a blog(Blogger), by visiting, to create a blog.
  • Thirdly, after your most have created the blog(blogger), you can choose a very good theme or blogger's template for your blog, then you can start posting interesting and engaging topics and stories for your readers to read.
  • Tips on what you can be posting on your blog, you can based your blog on entertainments, news, books, health and nutrition, technology, places, people and events, etc.
  • Fourthly, after all of the above process are set, you can now apply for Google AdSense from your blogger, this which will now enable you to be earning money on a daily basis.

Google AdSense is a program that is run by Google that allows "publishers in the Google Network" of content sites. To serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements, that are targeted to site content and audience.

These advertisements are managed, sorted, and maintained by Google.

This is just the simple technique's of making money from Google AdSense.

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