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How To Build WordPress Website Without Using Internet

How to build WordPress website without using the internet, but with the use of a drag and drop software(CMS), which is used to build a responsive website. The program is build with PHP and it is paired with MariaDB database that supports HTTPS. WordPress is a free and open-source software, which means, anybody can use it for free.

The Features of WordPress include a plugin architecture and a template system, that is referred to as Themes. When we say WordPress is a content management system (CMS), it simply means, drag and drop of layers or sections.

Building a WordPress website doesn't requires a special kind of coding skills, all you have to do with WordPress is to install the necessary page builder plugins and start creating block layers, sections by dragging and dropping.

To get started building WordPress without using internet. They are two main software programs you have to download and install on your computer system.

The two software programs to create WordPress website without using the internet are:

  1. Xampp Server
  2. Bitnami WordPress
XAMPP Server and operating System

See how to Download Xampp:

XAMPP Server Download

When XAMPP is downloaded, install the software on your computer system, and when it is installed, start the Apache server as well as MySQL.

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It's very important that the Apache server and MySQL are started before installing Bitnami WordPress.

See How To Start XAMPP server

The Next thing to do is to download Bitnami WordPress.

WordPress Bitnami

See Download Link for Bitnami WordPress:

Bitnami WordPress

After Bitnami WordPress has been downloaded, install the program on your computer. During Bitnami installation, the programs will install WordPress app on the XAMPP server root folder, which will help in connecting the MySQL that will create the database for your WordPress.

During the installation process, WordPress form requiring to fill your website credentials such as Website Title, Descriptions, email address, password etc. The information entered on the form will be required to login to your WordPress admin page, so you can begin to design your website pages and post.

All of the the above processes mentioned above doesn't requires any internet, because of the installation of XAMPP server.

When all of the above process are followed, the next step is for you to install your preferred themes and the necessary plugins for the theme to work effectively.

Installing WordPress Themes

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There are many available themes you can choose to install in building and developing your website. Some of the themes are free, with a Pro version of it, for more features and functionality to your WordPress website.

Installing WordPress Plugins

Most plugins work best with specific theme, while others can work effectively on almost every other themes.

Some of the popular page builder plugins you may choose to install for your web design and development are:

  1. Elementor
  2. Oxygen
  3. PageLayer
  4. DivTag
  5. SeedProd
  6. Beaver Builder
  7. Divi
  8. Visual Composer
  9. Themify Builder

When thinking of building a website with WordPress offline before deployment to live hosting server, then you think of XAMPP server, for your WordPress web design and development.

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