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The World Wide Web (WWW) in ICT

The World Wide Web (WWW)

How important the world wide web is to you? The “world wide web” also called theWeb, is an interesting andenjoyable place to stuff the internet and to have fun. On the web you can do almost everything you want. The web allows anyone to access it and it is very easy to access.

The web is also a place on the web where information are shown on Web pages. A number of pages make up a Web site. The pages on the site are joined together by hyperlinks and tt is very easy to make your own web site, or blog. Website owners share information that could reach the whole world.

The world wide web (WWW) is a place on the internet. It is an exciting part of the internet where so many things happens, a place where you can find almost everything you need and want in the world. That means, if you can use the WEB very well, I tell you, within a short time you can be successful personality.

The Web a place where there are amazing amount of fun to be had and educational things to do. For instance, you can read online magazine, which has text and graphics, research topics for project work, download music, chat with friends, play games, pay bills, watch videos and to sell your products online.

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Why Build a Web site?
There are many reasons to build a website, this which includes:
★ Share your knowledge with other people
★ Sell your products
★ To be known worldwide
★ Make survey
★ To support a cause

Website niche, you can base your site on any of the below niches:
  • You can base your Web site on your self or your family(People), giving information about your favourite things and hobbies.
  • You could also base your site on your school life, taking images from around the school.
  • You could also base you site on “entertainment, news, gossip, financial institute, sports and talk show”. This and more which you can build a Web site for, why not try one today.
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