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How To Make Up To ₦50,000 Monthly On Jumia KOL Affiliate Program

How To Make Up To ₦50,000 Monthly On Jumia KOL Affiliate Program

Jumia KOLAffiliate program is an ultimate Portal for Content Creators, Influencers, and Affiliates promoters to make money when a purchase is made with your unique link. Jumia KOL is owned and managed by Jumia Group. In Jumia KOL program, you can earn commissions using your website, blog or social media handle when you promote your unique affiliate link.

How To Get Started As A Jumia Kol promoter or Affilates.

To become a Jumia KOL Promoter or Affiliate program promoters you need be or have one of the followings:

  • Micro-Influencer
  • Mega-Influencer
  • Affiliate Promoters

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Micro-Influencer content Creator (Social Media)

As a Micro Influencer you have to identify yourself as a content creator who loves to give recommendations and reviews to your loyal followers. In Micro Influencer, you need to have like 5000 Followers on social media platform to qualify you for this program.

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Mega-Influencer content Creator (Social Media)

As Mega Influencer You need to be identify as an individual with huge and well-established social media followers, your posts should be enough to make your followers want to purchase that item as soon as you post it on your handle.

Affiliate Promoters

As an Affiliate promoter, all you need is a website or social media page that allows you to operate in the fields of cashback, deals, Reviews, Email Marketing, Loyalty Programs, Coupons, Price Comparisons, or similar ventures.

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How does Jumia KOL work?

1. Registration
Signup or Register and start working immediately if you are an affiliate or receive approval within a week if you are a content creator or social media influencer.

2. Promote Jumia’s various campaigns and enjoy tracking links up to 7 days as well as discount codes through the platform you sign-up with on the Jumia KOL

3. You get commission for any sales you converted from your unique affiliate link, and you will get paid monthly with the payment method you choose at the end of every month, when you reach the minimum threshold of £2 (₦1115.379), pounds to naira equivalent exchange rate.

How To Start Earning on the JUMIA KOL

After completing your profile, you are now ready to earn commissions. All you have to do is get your links and start sharing them on your platform.

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There are basically two options on the Jumia KOL promotions to select from:

  • Offers
  • Custom links

With the offers, you can get a predefined link to direct your audience to given products. If you own a blog or website. A banner code is provided for you to place on your website.

The Custom links give the flexibility to choose any product or product category. This provides the option of promoting a specific product. And the ability to review a specific product. Custom links are recommended especially if you have a blog or website.

JUMIA Commissions

Earning commissions on JUMIA KOL depend on the product category. Some of the products like clothing and footwear have commissions up to 9%. With bonuses included. See Jumia KOL COMMISION MODEL.

Jumia KOL program promoters can earn up to ₦50,000in a month if you make more sales from your promoter's link.

Registration for Jumia KOL PROGRAM and Start Making Money for life.

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